Dog Day Afternoon

A Day that will Never be Forgotten

I’ve always been a fan of movies that are based upon true stories and of course Al Pacino as well. So put them both together and you’ve got me watching it. Surprisingly I have never heard about this movie or the incident that occurred that day until now. I must say the directors did a great job putting this together. Even though the movie tended to drag a bit, I mean come on the entire time they are locked up inside a bank waiting for agreements to be made. However, considering this drag the movie was put together very well with the amount of intensity distributed.

It was a bit predictable but there were scenes that caught you by surprise such as Sonny the main character being gay even though he had a wife and kids. Sal who was Sonny’s accomplice was very hard to read, his character was mysterious and you couldn’t really tell what was on his mind. He seemed scared but he also seemed more liable to kill someone than Sonny was.

The acting was phenomenal, everyone made it seem so real which is what made up for the drag of the plot. It made me want to look more into what happened that day and find out the real history about it all. Especially since it happened right in Brooklyn, New York. When something hits close to home it always catches a persons attention. Even though I feel like the movie could have been put together better, the meaning and feelings behind it all definitely made this an award winning movie.

Here’s a little something I found on youtube. An actual broadcast from 1972 on the bank robbery. Doesn’t get any realer than this.

The Real Broadcast from 1972

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