How to Post A Film Response

To craft your Film Response, you should consider how the reading, the film, and the class material relate to each other. For example, if we’re watching a film made during the 1970s era known as “New Hollywood,” your response should consider how the film we’ve screened fits into this mode of filmmaking. The assigned reading may provide some clues but you should focus on any immediate impressions that the film made on you and whether those impressions correspond the “New Hollywood” mode of filmmaking. In other words, connect the film, the reading, and course material together in a way that makes sense to you. You should also locate, on your own, other scholarly research material to help you craft your response.

Please remember that each response must include three parts:

  1. Your response, in about 150-200 words.
  2. A properly formatted list of all works cited, including films and research material you have found.
  3. In addition to your citations, you should also include permalinks (or permanent links or persistent links) to the research material you’ve found.
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7 Responses to How to Post A Film Response

  1. reganwu says:

    Will you demonstrate exactly how to do a film response in class on the computer? The design of this blog system is quite unintuitive imo. Are we going to respond to this blog’s future posts, or are we making our own blog and do our response from there? Thanks.

  2. Juan Monroy says:

    Yes, I’ll be demonstrating the process in the next few weeks.

  3. After we have finished our essays, is there any specfic categories that we need to put our responses in it? And are we able to edit our posts after we have posted our articles on this blog?

  4. Juan Monroy says:

    Yes. The category should be the same as the date that the blog entry is due.

  5. I cannot publish my post and I saw some film responses were pending all the time. How can I just submit and publish mine? (I have used wordpress before, but the ‘Submit’ button changed to ‘Submit for Review’ on this blog…)

  6. Juan Monroy says:

    Your post is now published. And you should be able to do so automatically from now on.

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